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Q: Do you know how long a giraffe’s neck is?

A: 6 ft!

Laila, a third-grade student at Canyon Crest Elementary depicts the accurate amount of social distance through a giraffe illustration.

When asked about her inspiration, Laila said, “I was thinking drawing the giraffes would a great idea because the colors would be fun and the distance of a giraffe’s neck is 6ft.”

Laila’s design won top honors at the Provo City School District art contest and was made into a poster as seen below. 

“Laila is wonderful!” said her teacher Connie Stone. “She is a joy to be around and her parents say they have yet to find a mean bone in her body. She has always had a very sweet, sparkly personality. Her smile is contagious and her sense of humor is lovable.”

When asked about Laila’s other notable achievements Stone said, “Laila loves reading and is one of the top students in her class. She also likes to write and her parents say she could make a chapter book with her cute stories.”

Her parents share a story, “Laila goes above and beyond because she is genuinely kind to everyone. When we were living in Romania for 6 months, she made a special friend with Juliana, a lady who worked at the market near our apartment. Juliana didn’t speak much English and Laila couldn’t speak much Romanian. When we came into the store, Juliana would say “Hello, Laila!” And Laila would say “Buna!”  (which is hello in Romanian). They would give each other a hug and then say bye. It was fun to see such a sweet friendship even though they didn’t have much in common and couldn’t even really talk to each other.”

Thank you Laila for sharing your kindness and creativity! We look forward to seeing more of your creations! 

You can view Laila’s and her peers’ original artwork from the contest below. 

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger