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Thank you for the incredible year that we’ve had. It has been an inspiration to watch you, the graduating class of 2021, meet the challenges that have come your way and grown stronger for it. As you cross the threshold of High School, we look forward to the amazing things that you will go on to accomplish and the world that you will go on to create. You have set an example for those who follow you. We hope you have a wonderful summer, and, no matter where you are going after this, we wish you the absolute best.

With love,

Provo City School District

Queridos graduados,

Gracias por un año increíble. Ha sido una inspiración verlos como la clase que se gradúa en 2021, enfrentar los desafíos que se han presentado en su camino y crecer más fuerte por ellos. Al terminar la escuela secundaria, deseamos ver las cosas increíbles que van a lograr y el mundo que van a crear. Han sido un ejemplo para los que les siguen. Esperamos que tengan un verano maravilloso y, sea cual sea su destino después de esto, les deseamos lo mejor.

Con amor,

Distrito Escolar de la Ciudad de Provo

In this year that has caused so much havoc and strife

With pandemics and masks that upturned your life

I’d like to reflect on the things that we’ve done

With you, the one and only, class of 2021.

At the start of the year there might have been some concern

But no-one foresaw how the rumors would turn

Into COVID 19 that reached across the shores

And spread with no regard for fear or locked doors.

Not sure what to do, many ideas were proposed.

And soon it was declared that everything was closed.

On March 13, without even one small sign

Provo School District, and Independence High went ONLINE!

You ended last school year under a different roof.

CANVAS was difficult; the grades were the proof.

We cheered you on as we drove by in our vans

Entreating you to not give up on your plans.

We hoped that the summer would be easy and bright

But the headlines never ceased, try as we might.

Mandates and edicts from the top political strata

The newspapers had a hay day with all of the data.

And so it began; the year of the mask

We were told to comply: were we up the task?

Some said “It must be worn, we need to protect”!

Others said “No! My rights you must respect.”

How often did you leave your car free and clear

Then remember your mask hanging on the rearview mirror?

Or wish you could take just one sneaky breath.

By slipping it down to an unseen depth.

Families at home felt a loss of control

The sickness, the job loss, and the lonely soul.

There was a lack of connection and unknown fears

But you’ve come out of it stronger, despite the tears.

Your senior year has been strange, with schedules to tweak.

Who would’ve thought school would be two days a week?

The chromebooks, the chargers, the log-ins unending;

Broken keys, slow internet, Jane and Gina’s assignments unbending.

Teachers learned new skills to keep you always on task

We smiled with our eyes and spoke through our masks

Despite these adjustments, we could never provide

The senior year that you’ve dreamt of since you were five.

We went part time to full, going from room to room

New buzzwords were common, like Fauci and ZOOM

Before you connect, though, make sure you look cute.

All to be told, “Um I think that your microphone is on mute”.

Despite all these changes you took them in stride.

You showed up, worked hard and sometimes cried.

Perseverance, Respect, and Integrity, was shown

The Values of Decision making and excellence were honed.

You’ve put in the work and now you are here

On this beautiful night, where one thing is clear.

Thirteen years of school are nearly done

Graduation marks the end of this exhilarating run.

I look at you now in your cap and your gown

There’s so much love and support, ‘Just turn around’!

You did it! You made it! But it’s just the beginning

Commitment and passion will keep you winning.

So never give up on your goals or your dreams

Remember all of the people who are on your team.

You have so much potential, so reach for the sky!

Congratulations class of 2021 from Independence High!

-Poem authored and delivered by Principal Jacob Griffin of Independence High, Independence High School Commencement address, 2021

Alexander Glaves
  • Social Media/Marketing Specialist
  • Alexander Glaves