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Provo City School District Superintendent Keith Rittel began implementing the “Provo Way Innovative Learning Initiative” about three years ago. The goal of this initiative is to produce students who can thrive in a technology-rich society with the skill of being able to problem-solve with high quality solutions.

Dave Shelton, a Timpview science teacher, is one of the teachers who is involved with this initiative. He teaches with a strategy that he calls a “flipped classroom”, where students attempt the homework before classroom discussion with their own Google ChromeBook. The ChromeBooks provide students with multiple attempts in order to evaluate their own progress and then review for better understanding. This also allows students to work at their own pace, which allows for better comprehension.

However, the learning initiative is not just about implementing technology; it is about modifying the way that teachers teach and students learn. Through utilizing this technology in the classroom, students in Mr. Shelton’s class are able to practice self-evaluation. Self-evaluation is the best indicator of student success and it forces practice in reading for understanding, which is a valuable skill needed for college-level academics.

Through implementing the “Provo Way Innovative Learning Initiative” in his classroom, Mr. Shelton is able to see more student success and understanding than he did before. The technology is able to assist students in learning and overall creates a more successful learning environment.

Dave Shelton's Class

Shauna Sprunger
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  • Shauna Sprunger