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Last modified: September 24, 2020

Provo Adult Education Offerings

During this difficult time when unemployment is at an all-time high, we would like to offer an option to help you further your skills to become more employable.  Provo City School District offers Adult Education.  You can work towards your diploma or increase your English literacy skills.  Please reach out to our Provo Adult Education program and see what is possible.  Contact information is on the sidebar.

About Us

Provo Adult Education offers excellent programs that are tailored to students individual needs. Our flexible hours can accommodate most work schedules to help you make time to further your education. It’s just that simple!

What We Do

This program aims to promote, facilitate and expand educational opportunities and employability of people in our community by acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary for self-sufficiency, fluency, and achieving employment. Other goals are to facilitate high school completion and the acquisition of the knowledge needed to pass the citizenship test.

Programs We Offer

We offer excellent programs that help people reach their highest potential. Students can complete the credit needed to earn a high school diploma, prepare to take the GED, increase their English literacy skills, prepare to take the citizenship test, and increase their skills to attend a college or university.