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Last modified: March 29, 2021

Child Nutrition COVID-19 Resources

No Kid Hungry

PCSD to Provide FREE Breakfast and Lunch to ALL Students, and ALL children 18 Years and Younger Regardless of Enrollment.

School breakfast and lunch will be available at no charge to all Provo City School District students and all children 18 years and younger under a temporary waiver from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). This current waiver will be in effect through May 28, 2021, or until Federal funding runs out. Furthermore, the USDA waiver provides the flexibility and funding to ensure nutrition meals reach all children and their siblings 18 years and younger in this fluid and fast-changing time.

It is recommended and we encourage you to still apply for free and reduced lunch if you have qualified in the past or feel you would qualify now.

A grab-n-go breakfast will be provided in the cafeteria in all elementary and secondary schools following proper social distancing guidelines. Please check your school’s website under school information for specific breakfast serving times.

Lunch for Elementary In-School Learning

Lunch meal service options will be consistent across all elementary schools for in-school learning. However, each school is unique and school administrators will plan their lunch meal service accordingly with regards to logistics and proper social distancing guidelines. For the fall school opening, lunch meal service at the elementary level will include a grab-n-go lunch with:

  • Students eating in the cafeteria
  • Students eating outside while the weather permits
  • Students eating in their classrooms
  • Lunch for Secondary In-School Learning

Lunch for Secondary In-School Learning

  • Lunch will be offered for students in multiple serving areas as a grab-in-go option.

Breakfast and Lunch for Home Study Learning and Quarantined Students and Those Not Enrolled in PCSD Schools  18 Years & Younger

Students participating in the Home Study option while enrolled in one of our 18 schools have the option to pre-order to pick up a grab-n-go meal sack. Grab-n-go meal sacks will contain breakfast and lunch if that is what has been ordered. (delete) Those enrolled in the Home Study option full time must pre-order and pick up meals daily following the steps listed below. If any family enrolled in the Home Study option experiences a hardship with daily meal pick up, please contact Laura Larsen at (801) 374-4867 or at to make other arrangements.

Parents/guardians must pre-order meals for their children only for days not in attendance at a school building by using the School Meals Order form here or calling (801) 373-2183 between 7:30 to 9:00 a.m. at least one day before the meal is needed. If preferred, parent may choose to call or order only once per week, and then must provide the dates with the meals needed. All Free meals for children 18 years and younger regardless of enrollment in PCSD must also be pre-ordered. The students’ full name and school I.D. number are required at time of food order for enrolled students, others will follow the instructions on the form. All meals at this time are FREE for children 18 years and younger.

Home Study, quarantined students, and non enrolled may choose to pick up a meal sack at another Provo District school closer to their home. The parent or guardian, or secondary school student may pick up pre-ordered meals from the school’s designated pick up location between 10:30 to 11:00 a.m.