COVID-19 Stats

The rapid outbreak of the COVID-19 has had a considerable impact on our daily routine. We are currently in Phase 2 at elementary schools and secondary school with the exception of Timpview and Provo High which are in Phase 1.

Provo City School District manually collects data each day regarding student absenteeism, teacher/staff absenteeism, and COVID cases that have been self-reported and reported to/by the Utah County Health Department.  The district Safety Committee meets daily to look at data and to consider trends, spikes, etc. and subsequent interventions. 

Our school nurses, who are part of the Utah County Health Department, advise and coordinate with us.  Several district administrators coordinate with the Utah County Health Department via Zoom and email communication several times per week.

The information included in the Daily Stats and Weekly Trends sections of this page are samples of the data we collect and review daily. Please keep in mind that the data reported on 9/17, for example, is the actual data from 9/16. Due to the privacy of health information, we do not publish individual school data.