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Provo City School District Covid-19 Updates

Last modified: January 21, 2020


General Scholarship Information

Scholarships are the most publicized and talked about form of financial aid. When looking for scholarships, students and parents need to keep the following in mind:

  • Most scholarships are provided by the colleges themselves. If you are applying for a scholarship from a particular school, you must first make application for admission to that school.
  • A one year scholarship is only for one year; a renewable scholarship can become a four-year scholarship.
  • Smaller, local scholarships are often much easier to get than those sponsored by large organizations or businesses. Coca Cola, for example, receives over 120,000 applications for their 250 scholarships. A local Rotary Club may receive only 10 applications for their scholarship.
  • While it is not easy to obtain scholarships, students and parents who are willing to invest time and energy may find their efforts pay off handsomely. There are thousands of private scholarships offered every year. Most scholarships fall into one of the following categories:

Who do I contact at my school to find out more?

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