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Works continues in earnest at all five of the new schools being built.

Rock Canyon and Sunset View

Work continues to go according to schedule on both Rock Canyon and Sunset View. On the interior of both buildings, crews are completing work on the walls and ceilings, including painting and hanging ceiling tiles. Preparations are being made to begin finishing works on the floors. At Rock Canyon, the last of the windows at the main entrance are being installed.

rock canyon construction

Above photo of Rock Canyon Below photo of Sunset View

Outside, the ground is being leveled in preparation for landscaping and the installation of the parking areas. Both sites are beginning to clear up as much of the equipment has been removed or relocated.

Above photo of Rock Canyon Below photo of Sunset View

sunset view construction

Both schools are on schedule to open next school year. Teachers in the current buildings are working with district officials to pack up their current classrooms to prepare to move into the new schools this summer. More information will be coming as plans for the grand openings are finalized.

Provo High School

On Wednesday, April 27, groundbreaking ceremonies were held at the new Provo High School locations. Board members, district administrators and Mayor John Curtis addressed the crowds, followed by the ceremonial groundbreaking. Shovels and mini-excavators provided by Westland Construction were used to perform the ceremony. Afterward, parents and children in attendance were invited to take turns with the shovels and sitting in the mini-excavators.

provo high groundbreaking

Provo City School District was pleased to have Donald and Dorothy Reese in attendance for the groundbreaking. The district received the land that the new PHS will be built on from the Reese family. It was interesting to hear the Reese’s tell stories about what used to be done on the land.

Groundwork has been done on the land in preparation to begin work on the geo-pier work. This is the process of drilling into the ground and creating pier that will stabilize the future building during a seismic event.

The final site layout for the new PHS has also been announced. As you can see in the photo below, the new building will be on the east side of the property. The building will include three, 3-story classroom wings to the east and the gym, auditoriums, shops, media center and other rooms to the west, with the main office and entrance located at the south of the building. All of the athletic fields and stadiums will be located to the west and south of the main building.

Provo High site plan

Work continues on the artist renderings of the façade of the building and the landscaping around the buildings. While some drawings have been release, and may provide a good example of what the school may look like, there continue to be some minor adjustments made. Once the final artist renderings are complete, they will be released to the public.

Provost and Edgemont

Work is also commencing on the new Provost and Edgemont construction plans. Site layouts should be completed in the coming weeks and will be shared with the public when complete.

Groundbreaking ceremonies have been scheduled for both schools. They will be held on Tuesday, June 14. The Provost groundbreaking will be held at 9:30 a.m. and the Edgemont groundbreaking will be held at 11:00 a.m. The public is invited to attend both of the events and participate in the ceremony with the district.

It is expected that construction on both schools will begin quickly following the groundbreakings. As with Sunset View and Rock Canyon, cameras will be placed during construction to be able to see the progress being made on the district website.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger