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The Provo City Police Department and the Provo City School District are partnering together to ensure our community’s children are more safe and sound by providing free Child ID Kits.

Children are the most valued and often most vulnerable people in our lives. If a child goes missing or is involved in an emergency, the resulting anxiety can be somewhat eased by being prepared. A Child ID kit contains the information needed during an emergency and will expedite police efforts during an investigation—when time matters most.

All elementary school children will receive a Child ID to bring home to their parents or guardians. The start of the school year is an ideal time to have a safety discussion with children and important emergency information such as phone numbers, addresses and family emergency plans.

What is a Child ID Kit?

Child ID Kits offer a convenient place to store all pertinent identifying information for a child for quick retrieval for law enforcement, if necessary. Each Kit comes in a simple, mailable-sized envelope, including instructions and the tools necessary to create a complete identifying record of your child: fingerprints, DNA, description, and photo.

Are the Child ID Kits Private?

Your children’s privacy is important to us. Police do not collect kits unless necessary for an investigation. Each Child ID Kit is simply insurance a parent or guardian can promptly provide identifying assistance for their child.

Do I need to update this kit?

The Child ID Kit is only helpful in locating a missing child IF the information is current and accurate. We advise parents to update Child ID Kits each year with a new school photo.

Is there a cost for the Child ID Kit?

Thankfully all Child ID Kits have been donated by sponsoring businesses and are free to families. We’ve listed our generous sponsors on the Kit envelope and thank them enough for helping to keep our community safe.

The time to prepare is not during an emergency, but before. Let’s start the school year off as safe as possible by starting with an updated Child ID Kit. 

By working together as a community, we can continue to make Provo City the ‘Safest City in America.’ Provo City Police remains dedicated to community safety and thanks to the Provo School District for helping us bring a valuable safety message to every home in Provo.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei