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Students at Centennial Middle School got a dose of reality last week as they participated in “Reality Town”.

Reality Town is an educational program that gives students a taste of real life finances through a 2 hour simulation. During the simulation, each student receives a job and family with an assigned income. The students are then assigned to pay bills that go with their simulated situation. They go to different stations throughout the simulation to pay their finances, which include mortgage or rent, insurance, utilities, groceries, and many more.

Through participating in this simulation, students are able to get a sense of what finances are like in real life. One Centennial student came into the office after the simulation and was shocked because she had to get a second job and join the military in order to make ends meet. It is also hoped that students will realize the importance of succeeding in school in order to have more options for their future.

Thank you to all of the teachers, staff, and volunteers at Centennial for putting on this great program for our students!

October 17, 2017

Kate Simpson
  • Kate Simpson