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On March 3rd, 2022, Canyon Crest held a Grandparent’s Day. Students invited grandparents to a free lunch (paid for by administration), and a trip to their Scholastic Book Fair. Lastly, students led a school tour spotlighting the Space Lab, Library, and other classrooms they regularly visit.

Grandparents filed through the front door to find their grandchildren in the school foyer. After a quick greeting, grandchildren took the reins, taking grandparents by the hand to whisk them off to the cafeteria. Students shared a meal with their grandparents before taking their guests to the Scholastic Book Fair in the library.

A buffet of eye-catching displays on and over tiered trays, racks, and cases decked the library proper, prompting kids to explore fiction and nonfiction books assembled in themed groups. Book groupings ranged from themes like “Friends Forever,” which are books about stalwart friendships, to “Fearless,” action-adventure novels with assertive protagonists, to “Game On!”, or books with stories taking place within video game worlds. The Book Fair also included “Easy Reader” and “Chapter Book” sections, presenting books for various grades and reading levels. Students picked favorite reads from the fair before settling into the library’s nooks to read.

Afterward, students offered a tour to their grandparents, showing off their teachers and their classrooms. Students took grandparents to the Space Lab, an immersive spaceship-themed room where students complete space missions through team-based lessons. The class transforms into a spaceship, a time-ray, a time machine, and other vehicular conduits where students engage with state-standard content through gamified, team-building exercises. Grandparents wondered in astonishment at the Space Lab; there is an alluring new frontier of learning and exploration at Canyon Crest, and it’s worthy of excitement.

Inviting grandparents to the Scholastic Book Fair was well-suited in hindsight; books are ways to traverse long distances and allow readers the chance to walk in other’s shoes. On Grandparent’s Day, grandkids journeyed about their daily classes and undertakings (even venturing to far-off galaxies through the Space Lab), inviting grandparents to live a day in their world. Grandparents, then, took grandkids on literary expeditions. Events like these bond families together through novels and, in turn, bond students to books, creating life-long readers.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei