Provo City School District Covid-19 Updates

Schools in Need


Current school has outdated/inefficient electrical, mechanical, and roof systems and lacks fire/sprinkler system and ADA access. New school to be built adjacent to Footprinters park. Estimated cost of $55,000,000.

Dixon roof

Dixon’s original roof structure.

Dixon walls

Dixon original stucco cracking.

Dixon years

Graphic of Dixon’s age.


Rebuild of 91% of the current building due to accelerated shifting and movement of the school. Phased project will include soil remediation beneath the entire school. Estimated cost of $145,000,000.

timpview signs of movement

Timpview’s signs of structural movement.

timpview signs of movement

Timpview’s signs of foundation movement.

timpview falling structure

Timpview’s falling structure.

timpview cracks

Timpview’s crumbling brick caused by movement.

Timpview's boiler

Timpview’s antiquated boiler


Complete rebuild of school due to outdated/inefficient electrical, mechanical and roof systems. Current school lacks fire/sprinkler system and ADA access. Estimated cost of $30,000,000.

Wasatch crack

Crack at Wasatch, showing signs of settlement.


Wasatch ceiling showing signs of roof leaks.

Wasatch roof

Wasatch roof showing distress.

Wasatch walkway

Walkway between two Wasatch building to improve security.

Wasatch Portables

Portables being used at the buildings of Wasatch


New 10-12 classroom additions to replace existing five two-classroom portables. Estimated cost of $10,000,000.

Westridge portables

Westridge portable classrooms.

Westridge portables

Westridge portable classrooms.

Arial view of Westridge

Arial view of Westridge

Safety and Security Upgrades

All of the new schools in the district channel visitors through the main office, limit access points to the school and have security cameras.  Funds from this bond will provide 10 schools with security upgrades including constructing more secure entrances and exits and improved camera systems (including servers).  Estimated cost is $5,000,000.  Schools to receive security upgrades include:

  • Spring Creek
  • Provo Peaks
  • Franklin
  • Canyon Crest
  • Amelia Earhart
  • Lakeview
  • Westridge
  • Timpanogos
  • Centennial
  • Independence