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Our Concurrent Enrollment and Scholarships Coordinators are hard at work in getting resources into the hands of students so they can prepare for post-graduate life and achieve their post-graduate goals. One route Coordinators take in offering resources is through free community events that host vendors and teaching sessions open to the public. 

Candy (Laura) Castillo, Provo High School’s Concurrent Enrollment and Scholarship Coordinator, regularly hosts such events– like the Beyond High School Night.

The event’s purpose was to gather as many resources as possible for students and community members in one place. More than forty vendors dotted the commons area.

Provo hosted a professional FAFSA help center in the presentations room and Scholarship Information sessions in the Counseling Center in English and Spanish. 

Provo High also hosted its Resource Fair, which consisted of colleges, tech and trade schools, a job fair, and school organizations like TRIO and GEAR UP. 

They even hosted Multicultural centers and community resources such as Centro Hispano and Provo City Library.

Students and parents perused each vendor. They were free to ask questions, learn more about a resource and acquire informational handouts.

Although our Coordinators might not consider it difficult, the truth is that it takes a lot of effort to organize resource fairs; it requires outreach, event planning, and marketing to ensure organizations and families attend. More than 300 students and parents visited at the Beyond High School Night event, and that’s a commendable achievement.

For more information on upcoming events and free resources to prepare for post-graduate life, reach out to your school’s Concurrent Enrollment and Scholarship Coordinator, and keep an eye out for future Community Nights at your school.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei

Every year, Franklin Elementary invites students, staff, and parents to bring their cultures into...