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Become a Utah Scholar! Anyone can sign up at any time from 8th-12th grade.

What is a Utah Scholar? Utah Scholars takes a holistic approach to college readiness. The program is intended to motivate and students to complete specific college readiness tasks in grades 8-12 to help prepare them for college.

This program will help students to know what it takes to succeed in college and in the workforce. To earn the distinction of being a Utah Scholar, students will need to earn a total of 200 points throughout high school. They receive points by doing things such as following Utah Scholars on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, taking AP/IB or Concurrent Enrollment classes, visiting a college campus, and learning about paying for college options.

By meeting the Utah Scholars requirements, students will receive the Utah Scholars certificate and medallion when they graduate high school.

Students will hear about Utah Scholars through 8th grade presentations, given by volunteers from local business, community, and education leaders. Our volunteers will talk to them about why college is important, what they can do now to prepare for college, and how to pay for it.

How can students earn the Utah Scholars distinction? They must earn 200 points from now until their senior year. See the complete list of college readiness tasks. They can complete these tasks at any time.

Why should I become a Utah Scholar?

As a Utah Scholars candidate you will:

  • Graduate from high school ready for college
  • Be entered into monthly drawings for prizes
  • Get tips from us on how to prepare for college via our StepUp monthly newsletter
  • Look good to colleges
  • Be ready for college classes
  • Receive scholarships each month you can apply for right now
  • Get text messages your senior year to help you continue to stay on track for college

As a Utah Scholar, you will:

  • Receive the Utah Scholar certificate and medallion
  • Be able to add the distinction of Utah Scholar to your resume

Form and Application:

  • Utah Scholars Recognition Application: Opens January 1 and closes March 31
  • Utah Scholars Sign Up Form: You can sign up anytime from 8th-12th grade.

Contact Utah Scholars: 801-321-7179|

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger