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James Rees, of Provo High School, received this year’s Utah Coalition for Education Technology (UCET) Outstanding Teacher Award.

According to UCET this award recognizes and honors a teacher who has demonstrated outstanding achievement and leadership in implementing technology to improve education. James Rees goes above and beyond these qualifications. As the art teacher at Provo High, Rees strives for student excellence and engaged learning.

James Rees is a remarkable artist, beloved teacher, and does so much for the students. The project that gained this attention is called “Who is American Today”.  Using the prompt, “What does an American look like for you today?” students thought about this question in terms of their family, school, and community. About 60 students participated in this project and created a 2-3 minute video about their experiences as Americans or in America.

According to the award application, Rees seeks to have students shift from their default of being merely consumers of digital media to become engaged digital makers activated as productive, creative artists who contribute and distribute their own creations online.

“Pretty dang exciting to have the work I’m doing with our students highlighted” said Rees.

We are very proud to have such an incredible teacher educating and helping the students at Provo High. Congratulations Mr. Rees!

View the Who is American Today project:

Paige Simpson
  • Paige Simpson