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The Board of Education recognized this month’s recipients for the Provo Way Award at the board meeting Tuesday, April 18, 2017. The Provo Way Award is an opportunity for the district to recognize and celebrate the positive things that students, teachers, administrators, parents and staff do for the district. The recipients, as well as their contributions to the district, are listed below.

Rebecca Vera Sunrise Preschool Teacher

Becky deserves this award because she is awesome and has taken on many more responsibilities this year in addition to being the best teacher in preschool. Becky is truly an outstanding educator of special education preschoolers. She teaches 3 year olds and does an excellent job. She is very mindful of their needs and meets them on a daily basis. This year Becky has also been on the leadership team in preschool, responsible for being over the 3 year old team and taking all of their needs to the team meeting. She has also been asked to be over the children at Headstart who have IEP’s and consults there with the classroom teachers helping them to work on the child’s needs.

Denise Adams Provo Peaks Elementary Library Assistant

Denise is a very positive, hard working individual. With a busy library schedule each day, she is right there putting books away, helping get ready for classes, assists in checking books in and out, is a master of covering new books for eager students to check them out and she is so personable with the students, wanting to know their names and what they like to read. Denise never complains and just gets the work done and does it well!

Brian Selby Transportation Bus Driver

Brian has taken our class on several field trips this year. He is always polite and personable. He helps with lunches and other stuff that needs taken care of. He joins in the fun and actually takes part in the field trips. He talks to the kids and to the teachers. Brian is a great example of exemplifying the Provo Way.

Amy King Edgemont Teacher

Amy is a special education teacher at Edgemont Elementary school. She is always so loving and caring with her students and all those around her. She works hard to make sure that her students get the very best education possible. She makes sure that when the students are in their general education class they are supported so that they can be successful. She comes to school early and always stays late making sure her students get the very best lessons. She is always so helpful to all the teachers and support staff around her as well.

Lindsey Challis Timpview High Teacher and Dance Co. Director

Ms. Challis embodies so many great characteristics of the kind of mentor I want my daughters to have. She sets high expectations, she encourages, she pushes, she helps, and she shows by example what she expects of all her dancers. As the Dance Company director, she spends countless hours helping students after school with choreography, performances, and activities. She wants each dancer to grow and be pushed.

John Transportation Bus Driver

John was our bus driver when we took students to an Anti-bullying event in SLC in November. He was so great with the kids! He was kind, engaging, and thanked the kids for being good leaders and examples of kindness. I think he went above and beyond his “job” transporting the kids to/from the destination. He became a positive and caring adult in their life.

Julie Martin Spring Creek Teacher

Julie is an outstanding special education teacher. She has worked for Provo School District for 30 years helping students with learning disabilities and behavior challenges be successful. Julie’s warmth, patience, acceptance, and ability to see one’s potential allows her to deeply connect with her students in ways that motivate them to be better and see the goodness in themselves. In addition, Julie has spent many hours putting together sensory bags that students use to calm down and self-regulate their behaviors. General education teachers have been able to use these bags in the classroom to help students who get distracted easily or are anxious.

Andrea Betts Provo High School College and Career Office Coordinator/Advisor

Andrea works really hard to know the students but especially all the seniors. She interacts with them by name whenever she encounters them. She is always checking to make sure they are on track, have their applications in and are ready for the next step of life. She keeps parents and students informed of events, activities and deadlines. She works hard to help students be college and career ready. She devotes countless hours outside of school hours- FAFSA nights, Paying for College, Cultural Nights, ACT Prep, NHS activities & fundraisers.

Kristen Crawford Provo High School Student

Kristen Crawford is an excellent student at Provo High School who has taken full advantage of the many opportunities available to her. She is kind, thoughtful, hard-working, and a true unifier. Kristen is a member of student government where she has gone out of her way to bring our diverse student body together. Last year, she worked together with another student on a project called “Breaking the Walls.” The goal of the project was “to break down the prominent barriers among our student body at Provo High so that we can become a unified, accepting, and loving school where everybody can be friends with anybody.” Kristen and her friend did months of research and then wrote up a three-part series for our website that both students and teachers were inspired by. Their work led to a change in thinking about how we treat one another–as students, teachers, and administrators.

Tony McGeary Provo High School Teacher and Head Football Coach

Coach Tony McGeary profoundly impacts the athletic and personal development of every student-athlete he interacts with. Coach McGeary views his biggest and most important responsibility to teaching others. He sees teaching as an opportunity to change the lives of his student-athletes. He is totally committed to the team and the student-athletes and models principles that influence his players to play the “right” way. He also sets very high standards for his team. He posts rules that apply to everyone and expects that the student-athletes excel in the classroom, as well as on the field, anything less is not acceptable. He is often heard reminding student-athletes and others that “student” comes before “athlete” for a reason.

Kate Simpson
  • Kate Simpson