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What do yoyo strings, sugary drinks and a pet salamander have in common?

These subjects (among others) were experiments featured in Amelia Earhart Elementary’s STEM Fair.

On Friday, December 13 the school hosted a STEM Fair open house for the community. As the gym filled, many were wowed by the quality of work the students presented. 

“This is the biggest STEM Fair we’ve had yet,” said STEM Fair coordinator Clifton Taylor.

“This year we decided to open it up to fourth and fifth grade (not just sixth).”

“I was astounded by how many young students applied! It makes me happy to see kids excited about science.”

Each sixth grade teacher was able to give out a “Teacher’s Choice Award” but the scores that determined who advanced to the next round was decided by a panel of judges from US Synthetic and Utah Valley University. 

“It’s nice to have certified judges give our students feedback,” said Taylor. 

“We feel our students will gain new ideas and valuable insights.”

Amelia Earhart Elementary is proud of their students and what they’ve accomplished. We can’t wait to see who advances to the next round! 

For more information about your school’s STEM Fair, contact your local school for more information. 

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger