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Amelia Earhart Elementary has a special Literary Scholar Society and last week we were able to experience all the fun! The Earhart Society of Literary Scholars was first conceived by 5th grade teacher Paige Drumm two years ago. The teachers are asked to give book recommendations and a committee uses those recommendations to pick books for the children to read. Two books are selected, one for younger students to enjoy and one, usually a chapter book, for older students. This is a wonderful program that continues to unify everyone at Amelia Earhart!

Extending the legacy started by Mrs. Drumm, the Earhart Society of Literary Scholars holds its meetings once a month selecting students to participate in a lesson relating to the book for the month. This month, “The Night Gardener” by Jonathan Auxier and “Cloud and Wallfish” by Anne Nesbet were chosen to read. The children spent time reading The Night Gardener and participated in a craft activity related to the story.

Once chosen, about 30 copies of each book are ordered.  The students that are invited to the activity are able to check out a book that day and are a part of the first readers club.  Before returning the book, the students write their name inside the book.  Others who check out the book then see that they were the first reader of that copy of the the book.  Teachers will also get a copy of the grade appropriate book for their classroom. The rest of the books are circulated in the library until the end of the school year, when five copies are left in the library for circulation, and the rest go into the guided reading room to use for book clubs and classroom groups. Today, the Society of Literary Scholars was awarded the Foundation Mini Grant! This will allow the program to continue! “Yay!” cheered the children when Mrs. Drumm announced they were given this grant. Congratulations Amelia Earhart.  We can’t wait to see what other books are chosen!

Alexia Diaz
  • Alexia Diaz