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Following Deputy Superintendent Jason Cox’s recognition of National Education Support Professionals Day yesterday, Board President Jim Pettersson expressed appreciation for the district’s classified employees by sharing the following at Board Meeting:

“When you walk into a building and you’re greeted by a happy, cheerful face sitting behind that desk; when a parent comes in needing help or assistance, what a marvelous benefit and blessing to have wonderful clerical staff. You walk into a school building and it’s clean, it’s warm, and it’s bright and inviting. Thank you to all the custodial and maintenance staff. For those who need a nice, warm, nutritious breakfast, because they don’t always get it at home, and for those who receive a healthy, nutritious lunch, thank you to the Child Nutrition workers. For those who struggle with health issues, those who are sometimes most at risk in our community who need that treatment, thank you for Health and Student Services. Thank you on behalf of teachers for the paraprofessionals who assist in the classroom. Teachers carry a significant load, and without paraprofessionals, they could not always be as effective. Thank you! Thank you to the technology and security employees we have who continually and many times labor in anonymity providing the security to keep not only students but staff and patrons safe. Thank you to those of the skilled trades who ensure our electrical systems are up and running; that our plumbing is up to code; that our HVAC is functioning so we’re not too hot or too cold during the various seasons of the year. Thank you to those who work with technology; those who are responsible for computers, and other technical services. And of course, thank you to those in our transportation services department who see that students are delivered from home to school, and from school back to home safely and securely each day. Without each of you faithfully fulfilling your duties and responsibilities, we could not even begin to provide the quality of service and education for our students and staff that they deserve. Thank you!”

In addition, Superintendent Rittel has shared a few words of thanks in the following video.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger