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Our district has three major ongoing construction projects to keep our schools up-to-date and safe for our students. Between Timpview High, Shoreline Middle School, and the new Wasatch Elementary, the projects span every grade level and stage of production.

We’re excited to take you on a journey through our sites. Learn where we are in the construction process and fly through the skies in this virtual tour of PCSD’s future schools.

Wasatch Elementary

As you look at the site for the future of Wasatch Elementary, you will see a lot of dirt.

“You’re going to see some large blocks coming up. In December, we’ll start seeing the foundations go in, and things start to show up,” Stephen Canfield, the District Construction Coordinator, relates.

Currently, a lot of “site work” is being done. We’re organizing materials, leveling building areas, and unearthing boulders-–many of which will be used for the school’s landscaping.

Shoreline Middle School

If the Wasatch site represents the elementary stages of its development, the Shoreline site is deep into the 7th Grade.

“Shoreline Middle School is coming along really well,” says Canfield. “The project is on track for its estimated installation date for the 2024 school year.”

“We’ve got footing in the ground, foundation walls, and some storm sewer pipe already on site.”

The drone footage captures the 48 storm sewer pipes on the left-hand side of the screen.

“You’ll see masonry blocks, metal trusses, and other metal parts show up in upcoming weeks. Scaffolding materials are showing up. The storm detention system on the east side is in the ground, and we’re filling the ground now. Shoreline’s building process is going by much faster than most people realize. It’s going to rise out of the ground very quickly.”

If you’re looking for it, you can see the auditorium–- which already looks like an auditorium–- as the drone goes from west to east. You can also see the future parking lot out east where all the trucks are currently.

Make sure to watch for these features as you enjoy the drone footage.

Timpview High School

At Timpview,  the groundwork has been laid, the walls are primarily up, and finished sections are cropping up regularly.

For example, a new stretch of lockers and a CTE room are set to be turned over to the school by the end of the month. You can see the completed area on the drone footage as the drone flies by the football field.

The new construction at Timpview is unique from the others. Rather than starting and finishing everything at the same time, chunks of the project are tackled individually. As the CTE room nears completion, teams lay down steel for the third level of the academic wing.

There are many obstacles presented to the construction teams. Worldwide steel production has slowed, which has made an impact on the projects. However, all the projects are still on track despite outside influences.

We hope you enjoy the virtual tour of our construction updates. Visit us here as we transform community wishes and wills into living campuses to last our community for years to come.

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